Software development

I’ve been doing this for a looooong time 😉

Some of the things I can help you with include:

  • Custom web sites
  • Custom API development
  • Business systems and software
  • WordPress – manage your online content
  • eCommerce – Sell your product/s online
  • SEO – search engine optimisation, including microdata
  • Mobile app development
  • MythTV – your complete, in-home media solution
  • Linux / LAMP stacks, etc – the glue that holds it all together

I specialise in PHP, MySQL, X/HTML(5) and CSS(3). I’m certainly not a (great) web / graphic *designer*, though – I’m definitely more a developer (although I can do simple / elegant pretty well). I’m also skilled in JavaScript, jQuery and AJAX. I work a lot with Bootstrap, which means I can custom develop responsive sites / apps (those which lay themselves out appropriately on different sized devices like PCs, tablets and phones). In fact, these days all of the web projects I undertake are responsive.

I’ve done a fair bit of “screen scraping” (extracting particular data from other web pages / sites), so I’m pretty good at DOM traversal and string extraction techniques…

I’ve worked a little in Python, but only on a single project – a ~100-page recipe book as part of a fund raising effort for Cancer Council Qld, with a MySQL backend, web frontend and which generated the final product as a PDF through the Scribus desktop publishing application.

I have worked with GNU/Linux (mostly Debian and derivatives, as well as Arch Linux) systems for well over 20 years, including Apache, qmail, Postfix, Courier, IPTables, routing, traffic conditioning, MySQL, XMPP (Jabber), djbdns, etc.

I’ve had some exposure to CRM systems (Microsoft Dynamics (including a SOAP interface completely in PHP, which I seemed at the time to be the first person to successfully pull off), SalesForce and SugarCRM (including a complete event management module with full campaign functionality, etc) and Google gadgets (think iGoogle).

I’ve been working with WordPress for well over ten years, and am intimately acquainted with it’s underlying code. I often build application frameworks on top of WordPress instances, plugins and all sorts of other magical functionality. I am also fairly intimate with BuddyPress…

I’ve also worked with the Zen Cart and osComerce ecommerce solutions and am thus familiar with the underlying code of each. I have developed, and currently maintain, several responsive (mobile friendly) osCommerce online stores.

I’ve built two ITSP (Internet Telephone Service Provider – think VoIP) systems / businesses from the ground up – both based on Asterisk, with full customer / management web interfaces, billing systems and all the bells and whistles associated with business-level phone systems (call queues, IVR, etc). I’ve replaced several old analogue PBXs with totally digital systems.

I once had a WiFi hotspot business which I also built from scratch – the second time I had done so. Obviously, this implies I know some stuff about networking and timing / billing systems 😉

I’ve dabbled in low latency digital audio for over fifteen years (think performing and recording – I play guitar) and, for about the last ten years, media systems / networks – mainly MythTV these days (the MS and other solutions never did stack up).

I take pride in (and have a reputation for) being able to do stuff that others have written off as impossible. Unless the client is about to make a mistake, “yes” should always be the answer when asked if something is possible…

If you’d like to discuss your project and how I can help with it, shoot me an email.

Also see: working with me.