(If you were redirected here from agiledevelopmentservices.com.au, DON’T PANIC – see below…)

Sooo… After several years of being down (don’t worry – it was “off the air”, not depressed…), my blog’s back 🙂

I’ve been using some of the extra time 2020’s afforded me (*cough*) to both trim back the business to what and “who” it really is (ADS was only ever really a moniker to placate a major client at the time), and also to bring all of the server infrastructure and OS / software platforms back up to current – or better.

The practical upshot is that everything in “Mattt’s net” is now better than ever, and in due course I’ll have a lot less to maintain. Win!

Anyways, feel free to have a poke around (mostly geeky stuffs inside). Or not 🙂

A little about me

Sometimes, people ask me about myself.